How to Talk About Ability, Skills, Success, and Failure

A practical course for discussing all of life’s successes and failures. Includes podcast and materials. 24 minutes.

Sample Dialogues

Watch and listen to a sample dialogue. You'll see it twice. Once, at a fast native speaker speed, and then again at a much slower and easier to follow speed.

Lecture and Examples

Now that you understand the dialogue and are ready, we will explore the lesson's target language and go deeper into its meaning.

Guided Practice

Now the fun starts! Were you paying attention? I hope so, because now it's practice time, but don't worry because I will be right there to help you.

Comprehension and Warm Up

Did you understand the dialogue? Find out in this section where we test what you just heard and ask some interesting questions to get the lesson started.

Useful Phrases

English is more than just words. We usually speak in phrases and patterns. In this section you will learn the most common and popular.

Homework, Handouts, and More

Nobody likes homework, but it's an essential part of the learning process. Luckily for you, all homework will be checked by a native speaker.

Is it safe?

Of course!!! We take your payment security VERY seriously. So seriously that we only use the best!

What students are saying

"Most English classes have too much grammar. I love that Chris only teaches us how people talk!"
South Korea
"Very useful! He speaks slowly and is very easy to understand. I love this course...except for homework. jaja!"

Affordable. Convenient. Practical.

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