How to Improve Your English-Part 5

#5 Presentations

For many people, there is nothing scarier than public speaking. Luckily, for the language learner, fear may be your best friend. Just think about the last time you were afraid. You can probably remember every detail, what you were wearing, the smell of the air, the music that was playing. Now imagine being able to remember English that well.

That’s where the presentations come in. Giving a presentation, though difficult and uncomfortable, will force you into a ‘fight or flight’ mode which will have you thinking faster, remembering more clearly, and it will prepare you for the stressful environment of speaking English in the real world. 

The only problem is that the number of places where you can get up and speak publicly is pretty limited. Luckily, there are some great organizations like Toastmasters International all around the world whose only purpose is to help people become better public speakers. 

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