How to Improve Your English-Part 2

#2 Native Language Subtitles

So this is related to number one, but when you’re watching English television or movies for practice…never ever have subtitles in your native language.

The first reason I say this is because most languages don’t have the same word order as English. So, as you are reading your native language, you read (verb, object, subject…or whatever your order is), but you hear (subject, verb, object). It’s just too much for our brains to handle. It’s too much work.

So, keep it simple: Hear one language, read one language.

The second reason not to use your native language subtitles is because it is just too tempting to read along and stop listening. You might want to study. You want to practice your listening, BUT eventually, in my experience, after about ten minutes, I am just reading and my study session…pht…goes out the window.

And the third and final reason not to use native language subtitles is…you never know who made them. Are they language experts? Are they perfectly fluent in both languages? Did anyone check it? Probably not.

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