Who is Next Level English for?

Most of our courses are for the intermediate student. However, most of the expressions are quite simple and can even be used by beginners.

What does "intermediate student" really mean?

An intermediate student can have short conversations in the foreign language. They do well in a quiet one-on-one setting but have difficulty in groups, loud places, or understanding movies/tv/radio. 

(The subject of ‘level’ is a very interesting topic that I want to explore in the blog…in the future.)

What will I learn?

English…okay, all languages…contain small parts of speech that don’t easily fit into any one grammar category. They are VERY common and they are VERY simple, but most English courses never even try to teach them. Most of our courses will teach you these conversational patterns and tips for using them. 

(You can also explore our course catalog here.)

Is my credit card safe?

Absolutely!!! We only use the best, most secure payment processors in the world. (paypal, stripe)

What if there is a problem with the course? Breaks down, freezes, catches on fire...?

Our #1 priority is teaching English. If there is a problem with the technology, we will be happy to fix or refund your money.

What if I have more questions?

We love questions!!! Please send them to chris@mynextlevelenglish.com and I will try to answer it as quickly as possible.

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